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  Is it worthwhile using a mortgage broker for my mortgage in Spain?
Buying a property and selecting the right mortgage is a big decision. There are a number of banks that can offer products such as mortgages, life insurances and home protection insurance. The question is, ‘which one is right for me’?
Our aim at ‘’ is to answer as many questions as we can. Our experience in Spain is not just with the mortgage market, but all aspects of owning and living here. There are legal questions that should always be posed to a qualified professional, bit there are a number of issues that demand common sense and ‘local knowledge’.
..."We decided to give it one last go and try and find a decent broker. To cut a long story short we found Ian. He kept everything together, he kept us updated and held our hands all the way. He got us a mortgage within a few days and we completed and got our keys two months later. We wouldn't have our lovely new home without him. Thank you so much Ian :-)
Louise and Max, London
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Having been here for some 14 years now, and collaborating with many of the banks for the same period of time, we have built a trusted reputation that allows us to introduce clients to banks that ‘know how we operate’. We can ‘chat’ with the credit departments in the banks to see if there is a solution should the mortgage not be as straight forward as it is hoped. The branch on the high street does NOT approve a mortgage application, they only present this to their credit risk department and they have the final say.
Therefore the decision on which lenders to approach a very important one, you need to ensure that you are liaising with the right bank that understands your individual circumstances.
Although most Spanish banks have English speakers, certain things do not always translate well. How you calculate affordability can differ from lender to lender. What information you need to impart to the banks is crucial. If you show your hand too soon, it can be detrimental to your application.
We know how the banks tick. We earn our money by being the catalyst to achieve the mortgage but equally the buffer to prevent the mortgage being declined.
Always use a broker, even if you decide we are not the ones for you.