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Required Documentation for your Spanish Mortgage
If you decide to utilise our services in obtaining you an ‘agreement in principle’ then the following documents will be required.
"Ian, you have asked me for a testimonial, the highest compliment I can pay you...............you were fantastic. As you know, I was keen to buy in Spain but Terry was not, he was adamant that we would be caught out in some sort of scam and that all our personal details would be stolen.........you not only won Terry over, he wants to now consider another purchase. Thanks for everything and I can't wait to pass your contact details on to my friend Julie Conway.........she is also buying in Alicante."
Sam Pinder, Aldershot
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1. Passport
A copy of the passport for each applicant

2. Credit check
Each applicant will need to undertake a credit check. I recommend you use www.experian.co.uk. This report will need to be ‘clean’ although in my experience, providing we can satisfactorily explain any ‘hiccups’, the banks will listen.
Please note, there is NO registration of the Spanish liability made on your credit file.
For non UK applicants, please discuss with your advisor the credit reports you will need to provide.

3. P60
If you are employed or receive your income via PAYE, then you will need to provide a copy of your last P60 plus 3 latest pay slips

4. Self employed
The banks will require sight of the latest personal tax return, plus if you operate as a limited company then they will ask for the last 2 years audited accounts. They will probably seek a letter from your accountant (if you have one) confirming incomes and commenting on past and future performance. Dividends are acceptable.

5. Bank Statements
3 month’s latest bank statements showing ALL income and expenditure. If you are self-employed then they will also require 3 months business statements

6. Rental properties
If you have any rental properties then the banks will ask to see the rental contracts, bank statements showing the rental income, tax return showing the income and the mortgage statement relating to the property (if applicable)

7. Mortgage statement
Mortgage statement for your residential property. The banks like to make sure that all is paid to date.

8. NIE Number
NIE number for each applicant. These can be applied for at any time, but must be in place before signing at the notary for the mortgage and property deeds. It is much cheaper and easier (if it is possible) to apply for NIE numbers when in Spain looking at properties etc. Please do not hesitate to discuss with your advisor the process.

9. References
Employers or bank reference. In some cases, the banks may ask for references or sight of the employment contract, again chat with your advisor.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the documentation that will be required, or send us an enquiry.

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